Welcome to Rosebank Toastmasters

It’s no coincidence that you’ve stumbled across the coolest club in South Africa!

We are Rosebank Toastmasters based in Johannesburg, and we are a committed club of volunteers who are dedicated in helping each members’ speaking and leadership journeys in a supportive, informal atmosphere. We are club number 840322 – Division L.

We meet at 17H15 to 19H45, every second Thursday at 15 Biermann Ave, Rosebank Towers, Hannover RE, Rosebank.

As a club, we fall under the Toastmasters International (headquartered in the USA) umbrella as well as Toastmasters Southern Africa (also known as “District 74”).

Public speaking can be mastered

Speaking in public is a terrifying thought for most people. Yet, for as little as one hour per week it can be mastered; so that you can present competently at a board meeting, speak with humour at your friend’s wedding, be the MC at the year end party. Yes, it can be mastered.

It takes a little practice in a supportive environment

We are a public speaking club that aims to provide a positive learning experience where our members develop communication and leadership skills. This results in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

To do this, we meet every second Thursday to work on our projects, each aimed at strengthening and developing a specific competency in public speaking.

The easiest way to understand how this works is to visit our club. It is free to visit.

Come see for yourself

When you visit you will see people deliver prepared speeches that build their competency, you will see others lead the event to practice their leadership skills. You get an opportunity to socialise, ask questions and network with members who will share their own public speaking journey with you. You will be excited by the atmosphere of support and encouragement, learning and entertainment that forms the soul of our club.


What time are meetings and where are they held?

We meet at 17H15 to 19H45, every second Thursday at 15 Biermann Ave, Rosebank Towers, Hannover RE, Rosebank.

How much do I have to pay to attend meetings?

Meetings are absolutely free to visitors. The best part is: You are welcome to attend as many times as you like. While members may encourage to join, you will never be forced to sign up as a member at any accredited Toastmasters clubs. Take all the time you need.

How do I become a Rosebank Toastmaster?

Once you have expressed your interest to join the club, an invoice will be issued to you by our Vice President: Treasurer, Marc Matthews, and once payment has been made, you will be added to the Rosebank Toastmasters and Toastmasters International website as an official member.

When do I start speaking?

At any time when you become an official member of the club.

Can I, as a new member, continue with the older Competent Communicator (CC) project manual, or will I have to work with the new online Pathways program?

Any member who signed up as a member after March 2018 will automatically be introduced to the new and improved Pathways program. Members who are working off of the CC project manual will have two years to complete the program before it is phased out.

Who can I contact for more information on becoming a member?

Please contact our Vice President: Membership, Sibusiso Mkhabela.