The meeting held on the 30th of January 2020 was a night of remembering that there’s a silver lining to any dark cloud. That all situations have a lesson to be learnt and that some even have a “joke” for you to get.

The theme of the night was turning the negatives of life into positives by Marc “Sleek Man” Matthews. There were five amazing prepared speeches:

  • Gaston Cardoso was evaluated by Daniel “Daniel-son” Kakona
  • Bradley Benoy was evaluated by Hymne Koen
  • Nthabiseng Makau was evaluated by Riaan Swart
  • Linda Nkosi was evaluated by Selinah Seipei
  • John “the legend” Phadima was evaluated by Sibusiso Mkhabela.

The highlights of the night were many but the what was notable was the performance by our first-time speaker Gaston Cardoso. Gaston did a motivational Ice Breaker that revealed his multi-national roots that lead him to the Best Speaker Win. The second highlight of the night is our first-time general evaluator; Luvuyo Mqikela who put his usual infectious flare into the general evaluation session that brought a spark to the moment that made the night end on an equally infectious high. As always, we had an award for the night with the following winners for the night:

Best Evaluator:                                                                      Best Speaker:

Hymne Koen                                                                        Gaston Cardoso

The beauty of the night came from the club’s general ambiance; it was an atmosphere of supportive entertainment that allowed the laughter to flow and the points to sink in gently about the traps of life after qualifications and the possible implications of marketing schemes being covered as business opportunities.